Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Some sweet names I thought of...

I've had a bunch of hilarious and clever suggestions already for my diaper company... I actually lay awake for quite awhile last night, my mind running wild with other equally fitting names for a diaper company such as mine:


Among others. 

(I kid.... I kid.)


  1. Dave sent me the way of your blog via your update on facebook. I was going to suggest "Chic Cheeks" but that's taken. Then I thought of Chickadee Baby Co. as that's more universal beyond diapers if you ever thought to expand. If I was a mom looking for a product I also like Skidmarkz and your Dapper Diaper names also.
    I also found out about this fabric that might help with you search for waterproofing.
    PUL (pronounced "pull") – is 100% polyester fabric that has been laminated on one side with polyurethane (hence the acronym P.U.L. or PolyUrethane Laminate). It is both waterproof and breathable and can be laundered (it was created for the medical field). Not sure where to purchase though or how expensive it is.

  2. Hi Ann-Marie :)
    Ahh yes... PUL... the problem with PUL is that it is super hard to sew with (it's very slidy) and even the TINIEST hole in the fabric will cause leakage. Also, even with the most careful sewing, moisture can still wick out through the fabric around the baby's legs, which would render the whole PUL effort useless. I know there are a lot of work at home moms trying to perfect diapers with hidden PUL, and I am open to trying that too, but for now I'm avoiding the extra effort :)
    I have a name picked out for the diaper company, but it is top secret for now - probably because I might change my mind at some point. When all this is put together and ready to be presented all will be revealed!

  3. Well if you haven't fully decided yet think about 'green cheeks' as everything eco is so in right now (eco cheeks is taken by a UK lingerie brand).
    You obviously know way more about fabric than I'm lucky if I can sew a straight line... I am in awe of people who can sew. Best of luck!!!

  4. Haha Eco Cheeks is funny for a lingerie brand... that makes me laugh :)
    there are a TON of diaper/baby products out there with 'green' in the title... too bad because it definitely is cute.