Monday, 5 September 2011

A few I've made so far

I've changed my pattern here and there along the way and I've also invested in better fabric and a snap press.

The last thing I want to do is copy some of the amazing diapers I've found online stitch for stitch, so I'm working on making my diapers unique somehow.  It's a good thing I have a baby to put these suckers to use on... I'd better start making him drink more and more water since our diaper collection is growing by the day...


  1. Omg, so cute Annie! We still haven't taken the cloth diaper plunge yet (want to, but so overwhelmed with info and choices). We bought an AIO diaper and one pocket diaper (I really want to try the Flip diapers), but after washing them, I'm honestly scared to use them, as I worry about leaking, staining and rashes with Ollie's sensitive skin. What style are the ones you are making? Any reason you chose one style over another? I totally want to get into it, as I do laundry all day anyways, so what is one more load? :) I love your patterns and fabric choices, as I haven't seen any boy ones out there except plain old blue. Maybe I could buy some off of you (make sure to include a detailed instructional/care manual). ;) I'm so happy for you!!

  2. Aw thanks for the encouragement!! Re: taking the CD plunge... if Luke and I could do it anyone can! Cloth diapering is supposedly better for rash-prone babies so it's worth a try.
    The diapers I've made are 'fitted' diapers... they are NOT waterproof. They are meant to be used under a cover, which sucks because the cute fabric is hidden. They are so absorbent though that they can be worn around the house for a few hours without leaking through... if your baby is wearing pants overtop though a cover would be needed to avoid moisture wicking out onto the cloth of the pants.
    I'm planning on experimenting with adding a hidden waterproof layer... I've heard of people trying that in fitted diapers like this and it never really makes the diaper 100% waterproof, but hey, I'm up for a challenge!
    I will totally send you one to use on Ollie! Do you have any diaper covers? I guess you could use the pocket diaper without the insert as a cover... I used to do that with Applecheeks and it worked really well :)