Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Old-lady chic

There are so many 'vintage' prints out there these days.  I found this one when I first started out making diapers, and I'm sorry to say that I wasted most of it on a couple crappy diapers (pun intended! ha! ... ha!) I made while I was still figuring most of this out.  I found some scraps of this fabric left over yesterday, and now that my pattern is in two parts, I was able to get enough together to make another diaper.

Enjoy the old-lady chicness of this one. <3


  1. Annie - you're making these? How much are you selling them for?? - send me a message on fb or something - I love it!! - Carla

  2. Hey Carla! I am indeed selling these. I'm getting my Etsy up this weekend... I'll be sure to plaster it all over Facebook when it happens! :D