Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A girlish one and a boyish one.

I've had the opportunity to take advantage of Fabricland's 50% off sale (cue angelic singing) and I had a wonderful afternoon spent at Len's Mill, so I've got a couple more diapers to show off as a result of my shopping spree! 

These ones are waterproof, in case you're wondering.

These photos of the skulls diaper don't do it justice.  Crappy lighting! I need to figure out my camera.

Bum view


  1. Annie, these are really sweet - my fave! I would totally buy some, but my youngest is already 2.5 and I'm hoping to potty train asap.

  2. I hear you on that! I've already had the thought "would I be a bad mother if I kept Sylvan in diapers longer than he needs to be?" ... :)

  3. is the outside the pul or is the pul hidden? these are so cute !!! good job

  4. Thanks! The PUL is hidden. So the diapers are soft but sort of crinkly sounding.