Monday, 5 September 2011

My diaper addiction...


This blog will be the one place on the internet I will saturate (haha... get it? Saturate... cloth diaper humour! Ha ha!) with photos of diapers I've made and all info with regards to cloth diapering.  I don't want to flood the Facebook world with constant talk of diapers... but I'm obsessed, so I need an outlet!

Let me give you a little background.

Before Sylvan was born Luke and I decided we wanted to try cloth diapering.  Several months prior to Sylvan's birth we had no idea cloth diapering was as easy to do and as widespread as it is.  We attended a prenatal class in our area and discovered many good things about cloth diapering.  We didn't feel that we could take on the challenge of washing our own diapers so we signed up for a local diaper service.  After a few months of that we realized that we were spending more money than we needed to since we were also using disposables on Sylvan for trips out of town etc.  A lot of my friends did their own cloth diapering so I decided to take the plunge and started doing the same.  I was shocked at how easy it was.  It really is as easy as doing a little bit more laundry.  Cloth diapers have come SO far, and the methods people use to wash diapers have nothing to do with the bacteria-infested smelly mess of poop floating in a washing machine I had envisioned. Seriously.

Fast forward a couple months.  After experimenting with some of the big brands of diapers like Bumgenius, Fuzzibunz, Grovia and Thirsties, I discovered a whole WORLD of beautiful (yes, beautiful) diapers on the internet... Work At Home Mom diapers.  WAHMs. I'm telling you people, there is a whole subculture of cloth diapering out there that most people have no clue exists.  I found websites out there for such gorgeous diapers as Goodmamas and El Bee Baby.  Check out those links... do it.  Unbelievable gorgeousness.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered that these diapers are almost always backordered.  There are hundreds and thousands of diaper-hungry women out there sitting at their computers spending hundreds of dollars on DIAPERS.  The people making these diapers by hand work their tails off making diapers to fill the orders.  The El Bee site reads that there is a 3 month waiting list (at least) for diaper orders.  Goodmama sells out in minutes after stocking new prints online.

I don't want to talk TOO much about all this, but I discovered that there really is an intense, competitive subculture of diaper-making and diaper-buying out there.  It's hard to really describe but there are forums online where women go and search for rare prints of Goodmama diapers and bid each other up higher and higher just for one diaper that they MUST have.  It's like any hot commodity I suppose, I just never knew it applied to diapers.

I want to make cute, pretty diapers.  I am learning very quickly as I go and I am having a ton of fun doing it.  One day soon (hopefully?) I want to start selling them... not to dive into the competitive diaper trade world out there necessarily, but to just make beautiful, useful items for babies and maybe make a few bucks here and there.  We'll see.

A part of me is resisting this whole thing because I honestly feel like it is SUCH a cliche to become just another 'WAHM'... and to jump on the cloth diapering bandwagon at the same time. Both things are such trends right now. But I guess I don't really care in the end. I'm having fun, really I am :)  And I promise to stop posting to Facebook!

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