Thursday, 27 October 2011


I've been quite busy working on a lot of other elements to my cloth diapering business, but I felt an update was due on here... and what better subject to update you all on than my new best friend Sergio?

Here's a hint as to who he is (other than his name which basically gives him away)... he loves to cut fabric as he makes a perfectly straight seam with lots of thread.  He.... uh... loves to be well oiled every so often in order to.... okay, this could spiral out of control way too quickly.

Sergio is my new SERGER.  He actually looks like this:

(okay... he is actually an older version of this model, but this is the internet and he feels he should be able to represent himself however he chooses.)

I really needed (wanted) a serger for making diaper inserts but considering how expensive they are, I didn't think I'd be able to afford one for ages.  In stepped my sweet friend Dot, who offered to send me her serger.  For free.  How amazing is that?  Obviously I jumped at the chance to take it because Pfaff is a great brand and when else would I get an opportunity like this?

I got Sergio serviced (admire my restraint! admire it!) and now he serges like a dream.  I've been making all sorts of inserts for my diapers and now my diapers absorb like a dream too! 

I've been having a lot of fun spamming up the 'net with dick&jane... I'm now on Twitter, Etsy, Facebook... and a real live website is in production.  Social media is great for this stuff and actually makes marketing fun.

Well, I'm working on inserts today... I'd better get back to it!  I'll post photos of the finished results later on.

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