Monday, 20 February 2012


I figured it was as good a time as any to post another blog.  I've been doing most of my dick&jane stuff on my Facebook page, so I kind of began to neglect this blog as soon as that was set up.  But I owe my little blog a little update, as sometimes reading a blog post is nicer than scrolling through pages of Facebook updates!

My little business has picked up significantly since I started way back.... in the fall? I think it was the fall.  Ha ha. It's all been a bit of a blur, to be honest.  I have LOVED selling on Etsy. I love the setup, and uploading things is so dang easy.  It's funny with cloth diapers.... most cloth diaper-makers tend to sell on Hyenacart, but I can't bring myself to set up an account there.  I like the independence of Etsy and how I can stock my shop whenever I want and avoid some of the "fluff drama" that seems to run rampant on the internet.  I can't stand that aspect of WAHM selling.  It kind of scares me because it seems inevitable.... but somehow I feel like I'm putting it off a little bit the longer I avoid setting up a Hyenacart account.  Is that crazy?  ;)

I've expanded the types of diapers I make, and I've 'upgraded' the fabrics used in them.  I started out making fitteds only, with flannel inside as the hidden absorbent layer... and after doing a little bit of research and using other brands of cloth diapers on Sylvan, I came to realize that bamboo fleece (and other similar fabrics) are SO much more efficient at absorbing moisture.  It's all I use now.  It is definitely TONS more expensive, so that's made things a little tricky, but it's been worth it.
Also, I make all-in-two diapers now, which have been the most popular.  They look like fitteds but they have a hidden waterproof layer of PUL fabric to allow your baby to go without a diaper cover. I love the idea of this because not only is a one-step diaper change easier than a two-step diaper change (and I don't mean a fancy dance while you change your baby's diaper...), but not needing a cover allows you to show off that cute print on the outside of the diaper.  Who doesn't love a cute print on a baby's bum?
Most recently I've started making hybrid fitted diapers.  They are kind of a hybrid between AI2s and fitteds in the sense that they are water resistant, and look just like fitteds.  The difference is that the hidden layer is 100% polyester fleece, which is a water resistant fabric often used in diaper covers.  Your baby can go coverless for much longer than he/she could in a regular fitted.  Eventually the poly fleece does saturate, so eventually you would get a  bit of dampness on the outside, but it takes a lot longer to do so... and a lot of babies never wet through their hybrids between changes because they aren't heavy enough wetters.  The greatest thing about hybrids is that they are breathable, which is the healthiest option for your baby's skin.

Whew.  That's a lot of updating.  And I didn't even give you all the details.  To sum this adventure up so far, it's been ... fun!  And it's been great to connect with a lot of other women who love to cloth diaper their babies too. There really is a neat community of like-minded people online that I never knew about before.